Connect your school with STEM role models!

Companies involved

Introducing STEM Social Virtual Events

Experience STEM firsthand with industry leaders! Our virtual events bring the essence of the STEM industry directly to your school, one educational institution at a time

Our mission

The #1MillionIntoSTEM campaign joins hands with leading STEM professionals, educational institutions and STEM corporations to promote and inspire young people into the STEM industry.

We aim to promote to budding minds ways to enhance their gifts and abilities, fuelling creativity in STEM areas.

We're not just shedding light in STEM; we're illuminating

Tailored Experiences

Each event is customized to resonate with the unique interests and aspirations of budding minds.

Interactive Engagement

We go beyond lectures, fostering dynamic interactions that ignite curiosity and spark inspiration.

Real-world Insights

Through expert talks and immersive activities, we unveil the boundless opportunities and ground breaking innovations within the STEM landscape

Meet our recent speakers

Discover inspiring STEM professionals who have shared their stories with students. If you’re already in the STEM industry, you also can take part as a speaker too!

Impact created

“The Event is great and from what I saw on the day it was greatly received by both guests and the students. I sat in the audience and found it very interesting and educational. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach out and put to bed some of myths of choosing a career using STEM.”

Jonathan Smedley

Costain Group, volunteer panelist speaker

Watch out previous highlighted sessions

Learn more about the program and past events with our comprehensive ebook for valuable insights.

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