Jessica Okoro TEDx- Take a chance on me

Jessica Okoro, founder of BeScience STEM spoke at TEDx Leicester, where she shared about her experience as a student and the challenges and limitations she was confronted with.Jessica stood against the odds and defied not only her teacher’s remarks which clearly stated, that maybe Science was not for her, but also her history with dyslexia.  She was challenged to create her own means of studying Science and Maths subjects in Secondary school. Out of this challenge, she founded BeScience STEM so that People like her who have interests in STEM would not have to give it up due to the conventional nature of teaching and studying STEM courses.

Now a graduate with a Bachelors degree in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science from De Montfort University, Jessica shares with us, why we should take a chance on her.

Watch full video below

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