Lets Localise Partnership

In order to reach out to young and budding minds with the endless opportunities within the STEM industry, BeScience STEM has partnered with Letslocalise, a platform that connects schools to localised communities, to bring STEM professionals, to share their experiences as well as opportunities and prospects within the STEM industry through the STEM Social Virtual Experience.

The STEM Social Virtual platform forms part of the #1MillIntoSTEM agenda, to push and expose 1 Million people, especially the young people and the youth to the STEM Industry. These events are  hosted virtually with renowned STEM experts as our guests together with students from Secondary schools all across the UK on the Letslocalise platform.During these sessions, students can ask questions and have a wider insight into the opportunities within the STEM industry. 

Click here to find out more about how to sign your school up for the next STEM Social Virtual event.

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