O2 The Blue / Think Big / Celebrating Women this International Women’s Day 2016- 08/03/2016

O2 Think Big celebrates some inspirational women on International Women’s Day, 2016. 

Jessica Okoro was featured, with the story of how she founded BeSciemce STEM. 

“This is the very reason why she founded BeScience STEM; to take STEM to the community allowing everyone to learn and explore the STEM subjects creatively, with hands on activities.”

With the support of O2 Think Big, as of today Jessica has toured several libraries in Leicestershire, including several underprivileged areas. Jessica has also set-up 5 pop up STEM workshops for the Public with a turnout of over 1000 attendees at each and has had over 110 student volunteers help with the movement”

Click here to read full article by O2 Think Big. .

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